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Credit Application

Make performance the trademark of your business. When you partner with GPS, you get fast-track access to the high-grade plumbing, heating, HVAC, and industrial products that demanding clients expect. Complete and return the application below to open your account and join the roster of partners who’ve relied on GPS for the details since 1910.
  • Download Credit Application
  • Click on the above link to open up the credit application.
  • Type in all of your information in the necessary fields.
  • Send us the completed credit application in one of three ways:
    • Print out and fax back to the number below – Attn: Donna Damico
    • Email to Donna Damico.
    • Mail to Donna Damico at General Plumbing Supply – 980 New Durham Rd., Edison, NJ 08817
  • No matter how you send it in, please bring in an original signed copy to ensure that your account can be properly opened.
  • Download Credit Card Authorization Form

For fast processing, submit your application by fax or e-mail to 732-248-5654 or Note that you will need to bring a signed original copy to one of our area locations .