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A Brand for the Innovative New Jersey Home

When it comes to home design, some of the biggest aspects can be in the smallest touches. Awesome amenities of the twenty-first century include: a TV right in your bathroom mirror, a mirror defogger that activates right when your shower ends, and styled nightlights for midnight trips to the bathroom.

These nice little touches are often the things we love the most, and which are guests talk about every time they visit. At General Plumbing Supply, we’re happy to include Robern products in our showrooms’ inventories because they have these nice little touches.

With great features and a durable, long-lasting value, Robern products are perfect for adding a dash of modern convenience to your busy life – in some of the more unsuspecting places!

Behind the Brand

Since 1968, Robern has been rethinking the mundane, need-to-do routines of bathroom use. And not just in ways to increase the strength of their products.

Versatility and cross-functionality is what Robern is all about. From integrated lighting to concealed electrical outlets to lock boxes and TViD™, Robern wants you to better enjoy the simple routines of life.

Robern products focus on adding convenience and comfort into your daily routine. With a medley of features to add to your bathroom and home, they concentrate on interjecting value alongside style. The results are always spectacular and can be a major component in creating your room’s awe-inspiring atmosphere.

Robern Product Offerings

With a full line or superior-designed products, Robern can offer you a true arsenal of solutions for totally upgrading your bathroom experience. Their product offerings include:
  • Cabinets
    • M Series – featuring a magnetic organization strip, adjustable shelves, mirrored interior, and programmable upgrades (night line, mirror defogger, electric outlets.)
    • AiO – featuring a magnetic organization strip, dimming switch, magnifying mirror and USB ports for smart devices
    • Uplift™ – includes innovative straight-lift door for seamless mirror look, interior lighting and electrical outlets.
    • Main Line Framed Cabinets – available in three frame styles: Rosemount, Bryn Mawr, and Chaddsford. Each styled in 4-6 decorative metal finishes.
    • PL Series – featuring a modular design, arched door tops, and ½-inch beveled mirror doors.
    • R3™ Series – includes 1’’ flange, cantilever shelves, slow-close functionality, and 108-degree adjustable hinge.
    • Decorative Framed Cabinet – Micro-Beveled overlay combined with decorative glass and offered in a variety of decorative glass colors and Digital Wood™ patterns.
    • Candre™ – offering a polished look for recessed or surface-mounted installation.
    • Métallique™ – inspired by the Art Moderne movement, this model features a hidden door pull and sleek design.
    • M Series Decorative Glass Cabinets – Modular design and Digital Wood™ patterns.
    • Fairhaven® – featuring distinguished lines, white enameled aluminum, and a unique molding design.
    • C Series – Beveled mirror edges, a push-button door opener, and integrated spot lights.
  • Lighting
    • Eyezon™ Toplight – for soft, even lighting.
    • BRT Modular Lights – flexible design, energy efficient, and option for dimmer and night-light.
    • Uplift – featuring a sleek, minimalist design.
    • Candre™ Sconces – perfect for illuminating bathrooms, foyers, hallways and the like.
    • Métallique™ Sconces – a sharp aesthetic of polished chrome.
    • M Series Reflexion – featuring a forsted glass and warm, fluorescent light.
    • M Series – A brilliant addendum to M Series cabinets.
    • Fairhaven® Sconces – perfect for Fairhaven cabinets.
    • Foyer Sconces – Designed specifically for hallways.
    • MLLWS Sconces – A smart square design that’s versatile.
    • PL Series – Practical side- and top-mount options.
  • Mirrors – available in several designs:
    • Art Deco
    • Contemporary
    • Modern Glamour
    • Traditional
  • Vanities
    • Adorn II Vanity
    • Adorn Vanity
    • V14
    • Compact Vanity
    • DEEP
    • SLIM
  • Accessories

Where Can You Buy Robern Products in New Jersey?

In the Garden State, there are many places you can go to choose the products your home will use for years to come. Many times however, your choice of selection will be stymied. Or maybe you aren’t dealing with personnel that can understand your specific needs, as opposed to their template approach at upselling.

At General Plumbing Supply, we put the emphasis on a custom shopping experience. We offer the very best brands like Robern products and the very best in customer service so that you get things right the first time.

You should be able to find the products, styles, and service needed to stay within budget and still get the results you’re after. We’re prepared to help make that happen.

Visit one of our showrooms and speak with a dedicated GPS professional today!