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Mr. Steam

Mr. Steam Showers


A Brand for the Innovative New Jersey Home

When it comes to home design, some of the biggest aspects can be in the smallest touches. Awesome amenities and novelties are what will make your lifestyle truly be enjoyable. Mr. Steam offers one of those great, lifestyle-enhancing experiences in the form of a steam shower system.

If you’ve never before thought of a steam shower system for your home, keep reading!

Behind the Brand

The story of Mr. Steam begins with the story of steam bathing, which stems back to ancient civilizations. From the ancient Roman gymnasia to the sweat lodges of the Native Americans to the Turkish baths of the Middle East, the steam bath has been a time-honored, rejuvenating tradition.

Mr. Steam allows you to bring this sensual experience into your home, for a new level of comfort and enjoyment. A steam shower is an immersive experience that includes:

  • A steam generator heats the water to 210 degrees.
  • Steam enters the enclosed shower through steam heads.
  • The bather can enjoy this immersive experience for 10-20 minutes.
  • The bather will take a cool shower to refresh.
  • A warm towel heater can be added for the perfect ending to a full-on spa experience.

Being able to own this experience and enjoy it whenever you so please is truly an opportunity. General Plumbing Supply and Mr. Steam products can help make that a reality!

Additional features that can be added include:

  • Wireless controls
  • Smart device integration into your home spa system
  • Colored lights through ChromaTherapy
  • Scented oils infused into your system
  • Added music systems
Mr. Steam Product Offerings

A steam shower can improve respiratory function, circulation, and overall quality of life for those with access to one. Mr. Steam is proud to offer top grade products that will allow you to have your very own. Mr. Steam products include:

  • Residential Steam Showers
  • Steam Shower Generators
  • Steam Shower Controls & control Packages
  • Accessories – recessed lights, AromaSteam systems & audio system components
  • S@H Steam Shower Package – for starter homes, urban living and guest baths
  • Towel Warmers

Steam Shower Generators by Mr. Steam include the following features:

  • Stainless steel inside and out for long life
  • Compact size for ease and flexibility of installation
  • Precision connectors for easy plug-and-play installation of multiple features
  • Unique microprocessor-controlled water monitoring and delivery system
  • Self-diagnostic LED indicators for hassle-free, smooth steam operation
  • Unique seven-second electronic shut-off safety feature
  • Anti-hammer, low voltage water Solenoid valves for a quiet, safe steam shower
  • 24-volt transformer for safety and protection
  • Standard ½” full port ball valve for ease of service
  • Exclusive Express Steam® factory-installed option that maintains water temperature to start steaming more quickly
  • Easy installation and service
  • Eco-friendly, incorporating recycled materials.
  • UL listed in the US and Canada, allowing you to relax and buy with confidence

Is a Mr. Steam Shower Right for You?

When thinking about a steam shower and the requirements needed, it helps to know exactly what questions you should be asking. Mr. Steam encourages you to ask the following – no matter what company you decide to purchase from:
    • When considering the recommended steam generator size, do you take into account wall materials and other construction factors to obtain the correct true size?
    • Will the generator deliver an uninterrupted flow of steam, or will it cycle on and off?
    • Will there be cold spots in the steam shower?
    • How long will it take for steam to start?
    • Do steam generator components have self-diagnostic LED indicators?
    • If service is required, can it be done in the home, or do I need to ship the generator to a service center?
    • Are all the steam shower products USA and Canadian UL listed, CE and NOM certified?
    • Is there an automatic cleaning system available so I don’t have to remember to activate the cleaning system after each steam session?
    • Are the steamheads cool to the touch?
    • Is the system compatible with SmartHome technology? Is a wireless control option available?
    • Does the manufacturer offer a simple plug-and-play platform to easily add on components during steam shower installation?
    • Are the steam shower controls and steam heads innovative, technologically advanced, attractive and in a finish that matches the rest of the bathroom?
    • Where is the generator Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA or elsewhere?
    • How experienced is the manufacturer of the steam shower generators and components?
    • Does the manufacturer have a clear warranty written in plain English?
    • Does the manufacturer have fully staffed, convenient, U.S.-based customer care offices?
    • Does the manufacturer have a network of carefully selected authorized dealers where you can see actual units, even working units?
    • Are there well known spas or hotels where you can experience one of their products personally?
    • The professionals at General Plumbing Supply can help you answer and better understand what having a steam shower system entails.

Where to Buy Mr. Steam Showers in New Jersey

General Plumbing Supply is a proud retailer of Mr. Steam home solutions. We can help you navigate through the buying and installation of one of these great steam showers with the expertise, service, and reliability you deserve.

Speak with one of our team members today about this great product, or request a consultation via our online form below!

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