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Go Green with Lochinvar Boilers

Sustainability is a pillar of Lochinvar’s mission, both as a manufacturer and as a company. The name behind many of the most advanced and energy-efficient water heaters, boilers and pool heaters on the market,Lochinvar has been leading the charge toward a more sustainable future for decades – namely introducing emissions compliant products in the early 1990s, before most states had even established NOx regulations. Meanwhile, green practices can be found in many aspects of Lochinvar’s production chain and company culture.

Residential Boilers
Lochinvar residential boilers help homeowners enjoy rapid hot water and space heating year-round, integrating the brand’s passion for sustainability into every model. Lochinvar’s residential boilers include:

  • Noble Fire Tube Combi Boiler
  • Knight Heating Boiler
  • Solution Heating Boiler
  • Cadet Heating Boiler
  • Squire Stainless Steel Buffer Tank
  • Hydronic Buffer Tanks

Commercial Boilers
Commercial boilers by Lochinvar enable businesses to promote green operations and emulate Lochinvar’s commitment to preserving the environment. The Lochinvar commercial boiler line is highlighted by:

  • Indirect Plate and Frame Commercial Water Heater
  • Crest Condensing Boiler
  • SYNC Condensing Boiler
  • FTXL Fire Tube Boiler
  • Knight XL
  • Outdoor Knight Boiler
  • Power-Fin Boiler
  • Copper Fin II Boiler
  • Copper Fin Commercial Gas Boiler
  • Copper Fin Atmospheric Boiler
  • Commercial Electric Compact Boilers
  • Commercial Electric Boilers

Shop Lochinvar Boilers in NJ
Are you looking for a powerful yet eco-conscious boiler for your home or business? General Plumbing Supply is an official Lochinvar dealer in NJ, with a team of experts to help you find the boiler that’s right for you. Stop by one of our trade locations today!