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Hansgrohe Faucets

Hansgrohe A Brand for the New Jersey Home

In the Garden State, property is truly a precious asset. On top of some of the nation’s most valuable land, thousands and thousands of families take a stab at the American Dream by—at one point or another—modifying their home to better meet their needs.

So when it comes to recommending a product line that nearly every family can consider when it’s time for this home improvement, the pickings are slim.

At General Plumbing Supply, we’re happy to include Hansgrohe products in that shortlist. A brand that blends durability with a clean and stylized look, Hansgrohe gives New Jersey homeowners an affordable, tried and true option when crafting the interior design they yearn for. And with solutions for the kitchen, bathroom, and shower, they’ve got all of your water management needs covered.

Hans Grohe, master clothier and innovator moved into the sanitation industry space back when private homes began adopting the concept of having bathrooms indoors. From 1901 onward, Grohe developed his then 3-person operation in Kizigital, Germany into a global entity now on the cutting-edge of faucet and shower design. His many innovations in the German sanitation sector included championing the first showers and inventing the wallbar, a holster for the handshower that could be positioned to a desired height.

This inventive, pioneering passion has fueled Hansgrohe’s development into the 21st century. As a brand that prides it’s self on originality, Hansgrohe goes to great lengths to stomp out counterfeit products and continually defends its “Made in Germany” quality guarantee. They operate under the axiom that “quality is when the customer comes back and the product doesn’t.”


With each one of the Hansgrohe products comes the “Made by Hansgrohe” guarantee, which stands for:

  • High product quality & functionality
  • Technological expertise
  • Top design
  • Durable products
  • Environmentally-friendly products & manufacturing methods
  • Qualified specialists
  • Customer-oriented service
  • Reliability & respectability

Hansgrohe is also thoroughly committed to the environment, as a WaterSense® partner and having developed EcoAIR technology. EcoAIR technology adds air to every drop of water, enabling up to 40% water savings while still allowing for high performance.

Choosing Hansgrohe products for your home is the best choice for both the new and experienced homeowner.

About Hansgrohe USA Product Offerings

The mark of a great brand lies in there ability to anticipate your needs. Hansgrohe products reinforce that ideal by providing you with literally thousands of different options for your bathroom, kitchen, and home. The perfect combination of style and affordability is within reach, and the only limit in finding the right fit lies in your imagination.

A full line of Hansgrohe products include:

  • Accessories – Soap dispensers, towel bars, wall shelves, and more.
  • Bathtubs – Freestanding & Drop-In models with easy-to-clean surfaces.
  • Bathroom Faucets – For the vanity, shower, bathtub & bidet.
  • Drain Systems – Powerful, reliable, and styled to fit your room.
  • Kitchen Faucets – Ergonomically designed and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Vanities – Washbowls, built-in basins, sinks & wall-mounted vanities.
  • Showers – Handshowers, showerheads & complete shower systems.

Each one of their products comes complete with superior design and functionality.

Superior, Award-Winning Design

With more than 300 international awards for design, it’s safe to say that Hansgrohe has established a prominence for aesthetics. Some of the big features of these award-winning products include:

  • Sophisticated technology
  • Generous dimensions
  • Various spout heights
  • Excellent user comfort
  • Intelligent multi-functionality
  • Long-service lifetime even with heavy usage
  • Extraordinary surface finishes (like their Steel Optic finish)
  • Magnetic holder for a secure placement after usage.

Being a cut above the rest means providing more features than the rest. Hansgrohe makes the effort through every aspect of the user experience with their products.

Where to Buy Hansgrohe Products in New Jersey

General Plumbing Supply should be your choice for where to purchase the products, tools, and accessories necessary to make your New Jersey home truly shine.

With a superior variety of products and the industry expertise to help you make the most informed decision, GPS is a resource for making your home better. Our extensive line of Hansgrohe products is sure to include the right addition to your next home project.