Ageless Beauty: Kallista's Stunning New Finish

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Kallista Ageless Beauty: Unlacquered Brass

A material known for its durability and warm aesthetic, Unlacquered Brass provides a unique timeless finish that will enchance the look of any setting. Whether the finish is left untouched, aging gracefully over time, or restored to a mirror like finish, Kallista's new finish gives the homeowner the flexibility to control the look and feel.

Graceful Aging:

As time goes by, the Unlacquered Brass finish natrually will tarnish giving the faucet a Victorian Era look that is returning in popularity to match today's modern environments. 

Restoring Finish:

Unlacquered brass give the home owner the flexibility to restore their faucet to the original mirror like finish. Simply polish the faucet and you can go from antique to modern and let the aging process take place all over again to match your look and style. 


Be sure to stop by one of our 10 showrooms for more information about Kallista Ageless Beauty: Unlacquered Brass finish and to order your faucet today.