Kitchen Cabinetry from StarMark

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Kitchen Cabinetry from StarMark


Made in America by modern craftsmen in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, StarMark Cabinetry is a symbol of how meaningful and impactful a business can be. The cabinetmaker is as committed to its employees and community as it is to providing Americans from coast to coast with affordable, handcrafted, quality cabinetry.

The kitchen is a place for warmth, comfort, and family. A kitchen designed with StarMark Cabinetry is one in which every detail is thoughtfully arranged and flawlessly conveyed.

StarMark Cabinetry Styles
Whether you prefer quaint, eclectic or bold, StarMark Cabinetry will have “the one” you’ve been envisioning. Choose from a variety of styles including:

  • Traditional
  • Ornate
  • Transitional
  • Contemporary
  • Cottage
  • Craft
  • Rustic
  • + More

StarMark Cabinetry Wood Types
The craftsmanship of StarMark Cabinetry is on full display in its wood selection, which includes:

  • Alder
  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Bamboo
  • Rosewood
  • + More


StarMark Cabinetry Colors
Once you’ve chosen a style and wood, it’s time to pick that perfect color. StarMark Cabinetry comes in:

  • White
  • Off white
  • White washed
  • Light brown
  • Medium brown
  • Dark brown
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • + More

Browse StarMark Cabinetry Products in New Jersey

Want to learn more about StarMark Cabinetry and browse the cabinetmaker’s many options in person? General Plumbing Supply has locations all across New Jersey offering the latest styles from StarMark Cabinetry and many other top cabinet lines. Find a GPS showroom near you and stop by today!