Hudson Valley Lighting: Light Up Your Kitchen Island in Style

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Hudson Valley Lighting: Light Up Your Kitchen Island in Style


Lighting will make or break any space, especially one as intricate and frequented as the kitchen. Hudson Valley Lighting creates lighting solutions marked by quality, beauty and longevity. As a member of Littman Brands, the manufacturer benefits from the overarching knowledgebase of a company that is continuously pioneering the art and science of light.

“If the kitchen is the center of the home, the island is the center of the kitchen,” Hudson Valley Lighting writes in a recent blog. Whether used as a cutting space, a gathering place or a visual anchor, the island is a chance to bring your kitchen style to life–and it all hinges on light.

Pendant and Island Lighting Tips from Hudson Valley Lighting
“Most islands are amply accommodated by one to three pendants or an island light covering the same number, but a long enough one might need as many as four,” Hudson Valley Lighting writes. “These pendants both provide the illumination you need in preparing meals and the ambiance you desire in entertaining guests. They also make for a dramatic design choice.”

The brand offers a few important tips for successful pendant lighting:

  • Keep at least 30-32 inches of space between the counter and the fixture’s lowest-hanging point.
  • To determine how many watts of incandescent light you will need, multiply the square footage of the countertop area by 2.5.
  • Remember the “three layers of light”–ambient, task, and accent.
  • If you have a large kitchen, consider using sconces for accent lighting.

Explore Hudson Valley Lighting Products in NJ
Hudson Valley Lighting offers countless styles of pendants and island lights, many of which you can see in person at a General Plumbing Supply showroom. Let us help you find the lighting that’s right for your kitchen. To see our 10 showroom locations throughout New Jersey, click here.